Securely Make Free Voice Calls and Send Messages

Instant Messaging

Securely send text, photo, audio and video messages to people who matter to you, free of charge.

Include .txt, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and .pdf files in your Ovispace messages and/or Timeline posts, to make sharing and collaboration effortless and fun.
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Free Voice Calling

Freely make secure, one-one-one or conference voice calls to your Ovispace friends.

Ovispace even enables you to call anyone with a phone number anywhere in the world, even if the person is not an Ovispace user.
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Timeline Posting

Keep up to date with your loved ones, friends and colleagues, and let them know what's happening at your end..

Post text, photos, videos, audio and documents on your Timeline. Collaboration has never been easier! Ovispace lets you do all these and much more!!
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