About Ovispace

Ovispace is an easy-to-use and secure social networking platform that connects people through instant messaging, VoIP and content sharing app. We enable users to make high-quality phone calls, and send text, photo and video messages, and other files over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, free of charge.

Free Phone Calls:

The service enables users to make unlimited number of free phone calls among themselves via 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. As long as you have installed Ovispace on your phone and successfully registered, you can freely use it to make high-quality phone local or international calls to your contacts anywhere in the world who have as well installed the app.

Conference Calls:

The app is bundled with a feature that enables users to conveniently schedule phone calls. And the feature even has a reminder, in case you forget! With the Schedule Call functionality, conference call has never been easier.

Cheap Phone Calls to Non-users:

You can also use Ovispace to make very cheap voice calls, both local and international, to non-users. We charge just a minute fraction of what mobile networks charge to make similar calls over their networks. Everyone strongly agrees that Internet call is the way to go! It is the future of phone calls!!

Instant Messages:

You can send unlimited number of instant messages via Ovispace, totally free of charge. Users can send just text and/or photos, videos, audio messages, virtual gifts, emoticons, virtual stickers and other files to their friends and families. The service enables users to optionally include photos, audio files, and videos on their phone memories in their messages, or instantly take new ones via the app and send. Include .txt, .ppt, .pptx, .docs and .pdf files in your messages, to enhance collaboration.

Group Chats:

Use this feature to create unlimited number of group chats and add lots of friends in them, to enable all of you to mingle with each other online, regardless of the distance. Distance is not a barrier!


Use the Timeline functionality to post updates for all your friends to read. You can include text, photos, videos, file attachments, virtual stickers and emoticons in your Timeline posts. Moreover, you can take photos and videos on the fly with Ovispace's inbuilt InstantShot and post it immediately.