The Features of Ovispace Mobile App

Ovispace is a secure, easy-to-use and full-featured instant messaging and voice calling app that lets you do much more. It enables you to make HD-quality voice calls, conference calls and send text, photo and video messages, and other documents over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks, free of charge. As follows is a run-down of some of the Ovispace features:

Free VoIP Calling:

Ovispace lets is users to make unlimited number of free voice calls among themselves over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks. After installing Ovispace on your Android smartphone and successfully registering on the app, you can freely use it to make high-quality VoIP calls (both local and international) to your contacts anywhere in the globe who have as well installed the app.

Conference Voice Calls:

The Ovispace app comes with a feature that lets you make instant conference calls or conveniently schedule them with your contacts. And the conference call feature is bundled with a reminder, in case you forget! With instant calls with two or more contacts or the "Schedule Call" functionality, Internet-enabled conference calling has never been easier and more fun!

Cheap Voice Calls to Non-users:

Ovispace is not limited to using it to call only its users. You can even use the app to make very cheap voice calls, both local and international, to non-users. We charge just a minute fraction of the exorbitant amount mobile networks charge to make similar calls over their networks. Everyone generally agrees that voice calling over the Internet is far cheaper. VoIP is the future of voice communication! And at ovispace, we're driven to make it even cheaper!!! That is why our rates are among the cheapest in the world.

Instant Messenger:

With Ovispace installed on your Android smartphone and after successful registration, you can send unlimited number of instant messages to your friends, family members and colleagues, totally free of charge. You can send text, photos, videos, audio messages, virtual gifts, virtual stickers, emoticons, and other documents to your contacts. Include photos, audio files, and videos from your phone's memory or SD card in your messages, or instantly take new ones via the app's InstantShot feature and send. Add captions to your photos and videos! And to make collaboration effortless and fun, Ovispace lets you to attach .txt, .pptx, .docx, .xlsx and .pdf files to your messages.

Ephemeral Messages:

Ovispace allows you to optionally choose, via "Ephemeral Settings", to receive self-destruct messages. By default, receiving disappearing messages is set to "No". But you can easily enable that feature on the "Ephemeral Settings" screen, located under the "Privacy Settings" screen.

Ovispace Group:

The Ovispace group feature lets a user to create an unlimited number of group chats and add a maximum of 260 participants in each group. This enables users with a common interest to converge and share ideas, create awareness about upcoming events, amongst other things. The Group Admin can modify the group name, add the group picture, and add and delete participants. A group member can email the group's conversation, clear conversation, and delete and exit group.

Ovispace Timeline:

Let your Ovispace contacts know what is happening in your sphere, and keep them posted - all on the Timeline. Any update you post on the Timeline would be visible to all your Ovispace contacts (friends). You can post text, photos, videos, .txt, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx and .pdf documents, virtual stickers and emoticons on your Timeline. Furthermore, you can even take a picture or shoot a video on the fly with either of the Ovispace's built-in "InstantShot" or "InstantShot Video" camera feature respectively and post it immediately. With Ovispace stickers, satisfying your expressive needs has never been simpler and more fun! An we're always designing and adding localized stickers for each audience. Just stay tuned, as we add more stickers everytime.

This is just the beginning! The best is yet to come!!