Ovispace Privacy Statement

Last Modified: 1st September, 2017


Ovispace is a social networking, instant messaging, content sharing and VoIP service, developed and provided by FlamyTech Computers Limited, that enables its users to make HD-quality voice calls, and send text, photo, audio, video messages and other document types over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks, free of charge.

Whenever you use the above-mentioned services and the forthcoming ones we’ll launch, you’ll undoubtedly share some data with us. We understand that your privacy can be affected. And so, we want to be very transparent and clearly state the details of the information we collect, how it is being used, whom we share it with, and the options we provide you to access, control, update and delete your data.

That has led us to write this privacy policy. And if you still have questions or concerns regarding any portion of this privacy policy statement, feel free to contact us via privacy@ovispace.com.

The Data We Collect From The Users

The following are the two ways we collect data from the users of Ovispace:

  • The information our system automatically collects, when our services are used
  • The information users willingly give us

Here we are going to shed light on each of both ways.

The information our system automatically collects, when you use our services:
Whenever you use any of our services, we collect data of your usage and how you’ve utilized it. For instance, we might be aware that you’ve sent certain messages, including “Virtual Gifts” and “Virtual Stickers” to your contacts, and when you update your “Timeline”, including “Virtual Stickers”. As follows is a more detailed explanation of the types of data we collect from users of our services:
  • Usage Data: We collect data of your usage activities. For instance, we may collect data regarding your interactivity and frequency with our services, such as the particular “Virtual Gifts” and/or “Virtual Stickers” you send to your friends. We also collect details of your engagement with your Ovispace friends, such as the date, time, sender, recipient of each message, the number of messages you exchange with your friends, the particular friends you engage with most and the messages you exchange with them.

  • Content Data: We effectively collect the content you provide and the relevant information regarding that content. For instance, we collect data, such as when the recipient of your messages viewed them, and the number of times they viewed them. We also collect network details like phone numbers, as well as the Meta data that come with the content.

  • Device Data: We may collect device-specific data, namely, the hardware model, unique device identifiers, operating system, language, type of browser, mobile network data, including phone number, and wireless network. We also collect device data that would enable us to assist you to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in the hopefully rare occurrence of any crash or other issues while using our services.

  • Device Phonebook: Because Ovispace is all about your communication with contacts like friends, family and colleagues, we may, with your full consent, collect data from your device’s phonebook.

  • Camera, Photos and Videos: Our several services require us to collect photos and videos from your device’s camera, as well as the previously saved ones on your device that you upload. We will never gain access to your camera or photos or videos, unless you consent to that.

  • Other Document Types: Our several services also require us to collect certain previously saved documents like .txt, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and .pdf files from your device’s internal memory or SD card that you upload. We will never gain access to your phones internal memory or SD card, unless you consent to that.

  • Location Data: When you use our services, we may collect your location data. With your full consent, we may also collect data about your precise location, by employing techniques that include wireless networks, GPS, Wi-Fi access points, cell towers, as well as other sensors like compasses, accelerometers and gyroscopes.

  • Data Collection via Cookies and Similar Technologies: Like most online services and mobile applications, we may use cookies and other technologies like web storage, unique device identifiers and beacons to collect data about your activities, device and browser. Majority of web browsers are set by default to accept cookies. You have the option to disallow or delete browser cookies, via your device or browser settings. But bear in mind that disallowing cookies could alter the functionality and availability of our services.

  • Log Data: We collect log file data of your usage of our services. Those data include details of your usage statistics, device data, such as your IP address, language, type of web browser, access times, screens and pages accessed, web pages viewed before visiting us, cookies that may identify your browser and device in a unique way.

The information you willingly give us:
When you interact with our services, we collect the specific data you willingly choose to share with us. For instance, majority of our services require you to create an Ovispace account. So, we need to collect a few vital details about you: email address, phone number, and the uniquely-generated passcode. To enhance your visibility on our services, we may need you to provide us with additional information that will be publicly visible on our services, such as your name, profile photos, and other personally-identifying details. Our commercial services, such as VoIP calling to non-users, and some “Virtual Gifts” and “Virtual Stickers” may also require you to provide us with your credit or debit card or bank account details. Moreover, when you contact us or the Ovispace Support or communicate with us in any other form, we will collect the necessary information you volunteer to give us.

How We Use the Information You Provide Us

We use the information we collect from you to serve you to the best of our ability. We also use the collected data to deliver, maintain, improve our services, monitor and analyze previous activities, usage statistics and trends. Moreover, we use the collected data to personalize our services by, among other things, suggesting friends, enhance the security and safety of our services, verify your identity and prevent fraud and other illegal and unauthorized activities, and of course, protect our products and services. We use the data we collect via cookies and other technologies to enhance our services and your experience with them. We may also locally store some data on your device. For instance, we may store data as local cache, to enable you launch the app and view content faster. Though, we welcome Ovispace users from around the globe, bear in mind that regardless of where you live or where you access our services from, you consent to us processing and transferring data in and to Nigeria, the United States of America and other countries whose privacy and data protection laws may offer fewer protection than those in your home country.

How We Share Data

Here are the ways we may share your information:

With Your Ovispace Friends: We may share the following details about you with your Ovispace friends:
  • Your name
  • Profile photos
  • Profile screen
  • Timeline posts
  • Other information that would make your friends to better understand your connection with others using our services. For instance, because it may not be clear sometimes whether a new friendship request originates from someone you actually know, we may share whether you and the person making the request have any Ovispace friend in common
  • Any other information you have willingly shared with us. For instance, when we access your phonebook, with your full consent, we may share information about you with other Ovispace users who have your phone number in their device’s phonebooks. How widely your content is shared depends on your privacy settings and the type of service you use. For instance, private messages to a single friend are truly private, but a group chat with two or more persons would be seen by all the participants. And of course, Timeline posts may be seen by all your friends.

Message Retention and Deletion

Most of our services allow users to interact with the messages and content you provide through the services for an indefinite period of time. That means that those messages and content may be available on our servers and a recipient’s device. However, some messages you send to your friends may be ephemeral, depending on the intended recipient’s ephemeral settings. That notwithstanding, our servers retain ephemeral messages for just one (1) day - twenty four (24) hours, for security reasons. This is because we occasionally receive requests from law enforcement agencies, requiring us by law not to delete certain, specific information. So, we may retain such information for an even longer period of time, even if you sent it as ephemeral.

Your Choice and Control over Your Data

At Ovispace, we want you to be in control of your data, and that is why we enable you to update or edit most of your basic account details like modifying your account settings within the app. We may on occasions demand that you verify your identity or furnish us with additional information before we allow access to updating your account information. If you change your mind at any later time about our ongoing data collection from sources you have originally consented to, such as camera, photos, videos, phonebook, or location services, you can simply disable that consent, by changing the settings on your device, if it has support for those features. However, bear in mind that the functionality of some services may be adversely altered or even lost. And while it is our hope that you’ll remain a lifelong Ovispace user, you can delete your account at anytime via the Settings screen, if you have any reason to do so.

We strongly believe it is important that you be in control over whom you communicate with. That is why we have developed tools in the Privacy Settings screen of the Ovispace app that enable you to indicate, among other things, whether you want your friends to know when you're online and what you want them to see, whether you want to receive ephemeral messages and whether you want to block any of your Ovispace contacts from contacting you again.


As a matter of company policy, we do not allow anyone under the age of 13 to use our services. That is why we do not knowingly collect personal details from anyone under that age.

Revisions to this Privacy Policy

We may modify this privacy policy from time to time, as we deem fit. But when we do, we’ll notify you, either before or afterwards. Sometimes, we’ll indicate that by revising the date at the top of this privacy policy that is readily available on our website and mobile application. On some occasions, we may provide you with additional notice like making a press release on our official blog site, adding a notice to our website’s homepage or providing you with an in-app notification.